The Large-size Capacitive Touch Screen Is Introduced Into The Industrial Field

- Jan 22, 2019-

With the large-scale use of capacitive touch screen on mobile phones, people have felt the excellent touch experience brought by capacitive touch screen.At the same time, the capacitive touch screen interface also has the appearance of fashion, easy to clean and other advantages.With the development of technology, some problems of using capacitive touch screens in industry have been solved step by step.

I. large size problem

Due to the antenna effect, the larger the size of the capacitive touch screen is, the more difficult it will be to improve the anti-interference and sensitivity. It is very easy for the capacitive touch screen to mistouch due to its own reasons.In the industrial grade LCD products of DGUS II, the integrated touch panel method and advanced technology have successfully overcome this problem.At present, the DGUS II industrial-grade products can achieve a maximum of 18.5-inch industrial-grade capacitive touch screen stable operation.Integrated panel refers to the capacitive touch screen and front tempered glass panel made by a special process.In this way, the following problems can be solved:

A. Solving the problem of sensitive air gap between capacitive touch screen and isolator will greatly reduce the requirements of mounting and make production simple and feasible;

B. Suitable for application with gloves or dirty hands;

C. When set to the highest sensitivity, there will be no touch screen misoperation due to high sensitivity.

Two. Thick protective cover

In order to protect the touch screen or LCD screen from external forces and unclean environment, thick glass or plastic protective cover is often placed on the operation panel used in the industrial field.Before the capacitive touch screen adopted by DGUS II, toughened glass panels up to 9mm thick and acrylic panels up to 6mm thick can be installed.In the test, the capacitive touch screen used in the 18.5-inch DGUS II is one with a 3mm thickness of tempered glass.When using ordinary switching power supply, set the highest sensitivity to achieve the following operations:

A. Stack 1-3 pieces of 1.6mm thick tempered glass with normal touch screen function.

B. Touch the paper magazine with a thickness of 8mm, and the touch screen functions normally.

Three. Glove problems

Industrial environments often require gloves for machine operation.While this is not a big problem for mechanical buttons, it can have a huge impact on capacitive touch solutions.The capacitive touch screen of DGUS II can make it possible to wear plush gloves in winter and work normally. Rubber gloves, plastic gloves and cotton gloves commonly used in industry can be used to operate the touch screen normally.A small amount of water or other dirt on the gloves will not affect the normal operation of the capacitive touch screen.

Outdoor use

Considering that many industrial application environment is in outdoor occasions, there will be strong light, ultraviolet and other interference use.In the past, if the capacitive touch screen is used in a long time, it will appear aging phenomenon, resulting in that the capacitive touch screen can no longer be used normally.On the DGUS II capacitive touch screen, CG anti-glare and UV protection functions are adopted.CG anti-glare refers to that the touch screen can diffuse the light source under strong light, thus reducing the intensity of light reflected directly from the touch screen to the human eye.UV protection is the UV protection function, through the special coating, so that the ultraviolet light cannot pass through the glass on the capacitive touch screen, thus greatly reducing the impact of ultraviolet light on the equipment.

Mechanical stability

Industrial grade DGUS II adopts the capacitive touch screen with G+G process.G+G refers to Glass+Glass, which means that the capacitive touch screen is composed of two layers of tempered Glass, rather than one layer of tempered Glass+ organic coating.Therefore, the industrial-grade DGUS II capacitive touch screen is also very reliable in mechanical stability.