The LCD Touch Screen Of Kaichen Turns Out To Be So Simple.

- Sep 30, 2019-

In terms of configuration, the Kaichen T60 has exposed a total of 29 configurations, including appearance, interior and security configuration.

It is equipped with 9 configurations, including electric sunroof, roof rack, keyless entry, keyless, aluminum alloy wheel, rear wiper, LED daytime running light, exterior mirror electric folding and headlight height adjustment.

The interior is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, full LCD instrument panel, driving recorder, keyless start, remote start, navigation, reversing radar, reversing image and Bluetooth system.

In terms of safety, the new car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring, ABS anti-lock, brake force distribution, brake assist, traction control, body stability program, lane departure, line assist, active brake, epithelial assist and automatic parking.

Appearance, the Kai Chen T60 uses the latest family-style design language, the overall shape is tough.

The dry goods recommended LCD touch screen display, the new car is decorated with chrome material and has a youthful atmosphere. The interior is designed with honeycomb style and is full of movement.

The design of the fog light area is very powerful and adopts a vertical design, which is very novel.

The air intake under the front bumper is honeycomb-shaped and decorated with silver plaques underneath, which is extraordinarily stylish.

The design of the headlights is very novel, with the chrome strip of the air intake grille, the visual effect has a youthful atmosphere.

Simple LCD touch screen display, on the side, the waistline of the Qichen T60 is very tough, surrounded by black plastic for decoration, full of youthfulness.

Talking about the LCD touch screen display, the new car adopts the more popular floating roof at the moment, and the two-color body design is extraordinarily fashionable.

The window is adorned with chrome strips and the door handles are chrome-plated.

The arched wheel eyebrows are matched with the lines of the fenders, which are particularly powerful.

The length, width and height of the new car are respectively mm wheelbase mm. Although it is a small SUV, its body is still not to be worried.

On the rear of the car, the lines of the Kaichen T60 are quite full, making the rear of the car look extraordinarily round.

The design of the L-shaped taillights has an extraordinarily novel feel, and the interior light strips are stylishly designed and look forward to lighting effects.

Under the rear bumper, the design of the contrast color is adopted. The exhaust is designed with a double-sided single-out design, and the tail throat is decorated with chrome material for extra movement.

The overall tail design is well-defined and the visual effects are both stylish and sporty.

In the interior, the Qichen T60 adopts a three-position multi-function flat-bottom steering wheel with chrome-plated strips on the bottom for a touch of texture.

The central control is decorated with a large number of carbon fiber plaques for a sporty feel.

The design of the LCD instrument panel brings a sense of technology to the interior. The large-size multimedia LCD screen adopts the more popular suspension design, which has a full sense of fashion.

The air-conditioning surface material adopts a touch design, which brings the sci-fi atmosphere to a certain extent.

Power, the Qichen T60 is equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 93kW and a peak torque of 154N·m. It matches the CVT gearbox and has a fuel consumption of 5.9L per 100km.

The design of the Kaichen T60 can attract a lot of young consumers by relying on the appearance and interior design, and it is very good in the details.

After the new car is launched, it will compete in Changan CS35 PLUS. They are also small SUVs. They have a great advantage in starting the T60 on the wheelbase.

The appearance of the Qichen T60 has a very fashionable design. No matter the front or the rear of the car, it is very novel. It has a strong sense of technology in the interior. With three screens, it has to be said that the design is very hard. In addition, the carbon fiber plaque is used for decoration in the central control, which is full of sports and is sought after by young consumers.