The Product Of The Touch All-in-one In The Meeting Scene, Of Course, There Are Other Favorite Features

- Dec 03, 2019-

The touch all-in-one enables smart office scenarios, making meetings more efficient. With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products are put into life. Touch operation has become an indispensable part of daily life. Smart phones, touch screen computers, etc., it is very convenient to browse information and publish news with a simple movement of the phone. So what is a touch all-in-one? The touch all-in-one is a perfect combination of a touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC unit (commonly known as the host), and the all-in-one shell. Finally, touch operation can be achieved through a power cord. Machine. The touch all-in-one is equipped with the world's most advanced multi-point infrared touch screen, no delay in touch, sensitive response, all controls are completed on the screen surface, any object touch, including finger and pen click on the touch screen, control all applications, easily achieve handwritten text , Drawing, filling and other functions, the use of smooth, stable and reliable. It brings great convenience to many people who don't understand computer operation, just use their fingers to write and swipe.

The smart conference tablet is derived from the touch all-in-one. Take one of the functions, smart writing as an example, you can enjoy a borderless writing experience on the same page, and you can add page writing when discussing different topics. The touch all-in-one can also incorporate intelligent humanized design such as chart assistance.Sometimes multiple people need to discuss and write together.It also supports double-pen and two-color writing, which simply distinguishes different opinions and gives participants a clear view. Experience.

The product of the touch all-in-one in the meeting scene, of course, there are other favorite features. For example, wireless screen transfer and video conferencing functions, all bring benefits to efficient meetings. The wireless screen supports two-way touch control. The conference tablet can be used to control the computer in the reverse direction, and the mobile phone, tablet and computer can also control the conference tablet. When there is a file on the mobile phone that needs to be cast, as long as you download the projection assistant software, you can easily project without having to spend time converting to a computer.

Video conferencing solves the difficult problems of remote conferences. Desktop sharing, remote writing synchronization, remote screen projection, and so on can all be completed by the conference tablet. Let people on business trips know the news in time and return important information in time.

The touch all-in-one will have more applications in the conference scene in the future. Really effective conferences should be integrated from before, during, and after the conference to optimize and manage the process. The management of each link affects the overall conference efficiency. After the conference, only by continuously deepening and absorbing the content of the conference can the conference's effectiveness be truly realized. Conference tablet as an intelligent touch all-in-one has now launched integrated solutions before, during and after the conference