Touch All-in-one Machine For What Industries

- May 08, 2019-

Touch all-in-one PC as an input device, is a touch screen and related software bundled together with outside packing to query USES touch products, it combines the advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology as a whole, which can realize as the public information query, display advertising, media interactive, conference content display, offline experience store commodity exhibition, etc., can meet the application requirements of user different areas and sites.So what about touch and how does that work?


Touch the all-in-one machine applicable to the industry

1. Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiry and service promotion in business locations)

2. Shopping center (shopping guide, merchant and commodity inquiry, advertising and promotion)

3. Fashion flagship stores and exclusive stores (new product promotion)

4. Teaching (multimedia classroom)

5. Reception room or meeting room (company introduction, exhibits)

6. Exhibition hall (venue layout)

7. Furniture and art boutique (product display)

Movie theaters (preview and preview)

9. Real estate sales hall and chain real estate agency window (display of apartment type and landscape effect)

10. Office and apartment halls (advertising)

11. The restaurant industry

12. Telecom (business inquiry in the business hall, business promotion in the experience hall)

13. Government agencies and units (release of public information, disclosure of government affairs)

Touch control all-in-one machine really will touch and control into one, greatly improve people's work efficiency.The touch screen has many advantages, such as durability, quick response, saving space and easy communication.Users can quickly get the information they want by simply touching the screen with their fingers.