Touch Screen Can Be Another Human-machine Interface Of VR Technology

- Jul 27, 2018-

The touch screen can be another human-machine interface of VR technology. VR technology can be called a spiritual environment or an artificial environment. It is a virtual world of three-dimensional space generated by computer simulation, providing a child who has not got out of the outside to feel. The external world users' simulations of vision, hearing, and touch make it possible to use the same experience to observe things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unrestricted manner.



When using a capacitive screen for positional movement, the computer can perform complex calculations immediately, passing the accurate 3D world back to production. Virtual reality (VR), the scenes and characters seen are all fake, and the human consciousness is substituted into the virtual world. For example, esports games, I believe everyone has played? Stimulating is fun, and outsiders see you may be running like a madman and screaming.


In fact, sometimes you even know that this is a virtual game and you want to stimulate it. It feels like a kind of feeling. This is the development of the intelligent age. This is something new. This is how everyone can feel in normal times. I can't feel it anymore. The touch screen technology is the same. When you don't really touch it, you don't know what it is, but it can arouse your curiosity. It feels good to play, and there is always a human-machine interface that is active.