Touch Screen Manufacturers Are Concerned About The Transformation Of The Pros And Cons Of Capacitive And Resistive Touch Screen

- May 09, 2019-

Whether it is mobile phones, computers, digital products are moving towards the touch screen, and the commonly used touch screen, is nothing more than capacitive screen and resistive screen two categories, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?


Capacitive screens:

The capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The idea is excellent and simple, but the practical problems are insurmountable:

The current transparent conductive material, ITO, is so fragile that it can be broken at the touch of a few touches and cannot be used directly as a working layer. Instead, a very thin layer of hard glass is added on the outside.

This layer of glass is obviously not conductive, dc conduction is no longer possible, the use of high-frequency ac signal, by the human fingers (through the thin glass) and the working face of the coupling capacitance to absorb an ac current, this is the capacitor screen "capacitance" the origin of the name: by coupling capacitance to work.


1. Instability.The coupling capacitance is directly affected by temperature, humidity, finger wetness, body weight, and ground dryness. It is also greatly disturbed by large external objects, leading to unstable results.

2. The defective rate is relatively high.The outer layer of very thin glass, under normal circumstances anti scratch performance is very good, but the process required in the vacuum manufacturing, this layer of very thin glass has a 5% probability of meeting with a broken product.

3. The service life of the resistor screen is generally short (3 years for the resistor screen and 2 years for the capacitor screen).


Transmittance and clarity are better than resistive screen.

Resistive screen:

Screen body part is a resistive touch screens and display very cooperate with the surface of the multilayer composite film, the film by a layer of organic film as grassroots, coating a layer of transparent conductive layer, above the cover a layer of hardening treatment in appearance, smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer, its inner surface is coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer, in between two layers of conductive layer, there are many small (less than 0.0254 mm) of transparent isolation point separates them insulation.


1. The screen and control system are relatively cheap, and the response sensitivity is also very good, completely isolated from the outside working environment, not afraid of dust and water vapor, can adapt to a variety of harsh environment.It can be touched by any object and has good stability.

2. Relatively long service life.


1. The resistive touch screen will easily cause the wear of surface materials due to the need of certain pressure for a long time, which will affect the normal service life of the product;

2. The sensitivity of the resistive touch screen is not easy to adjust, and the sensitivity is not balanced easily. The phenomenon of A point being sensitive and B point being slow often occurs

3. The resistive touch screen has a weak ability to deal with interference and prevent misoperation.Anything touched causes motion.

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