Touch Screen Manufacturers Produce Capacitive Touch Screen What Are The Difficulties

- Jul 12, 2018-

What are the difficulties with capacitive touch screens?Capacitive touch screen in the current market the demand trend of the application is more and more widely, need technical follow up faster. Capacitive touch screen on the surface is relatively simple, but actually many production step.A lot of problems will be found in production, such as material inconsistency, bubbles and so on.The material discrepancy involves the promotion of the whole production line, the confirmation of materials, and the production, which will affect the production schedule.The bubble also depends on its size, outside the window or inside the window.The problem with bubbles in the inner window is acceptable if they are small, but NG if they are large.If the bubble is outside the window, there is a good chance the touch screen will come back to life.In terms of quality control, the appearance of products is also particularly important.With the increasing trend of touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen has been changing from single touch screen to multi-touch screen.A leader in the field of capacitive touch screens, XINHECHANG touch screen manufacturers, with you, touch the future.