We Start To Offer Large LED TOUCH SCREEN VTP For Teaching ,meeting Etc

- Sep 05, 2019-

we start to offer large led touch screen vtp as we find in real market it can be applied in teaching and meeting etc so easily and is of very big market protential .so new or old customers ,welcome to place us orders ,we will offer you all kinds of large led touch screen that can meet your demands in all aspects .651.webp

the usege of large LED  TOUCH SCREEN VIP in all aspects :


1 Bring a variety of children’s teaching software and functions ,easy to operatie and thus can make teachers reduce the trouble of prepare lessons and satisfy children’s curiosty


2 It is used to simulate the chemical experiment so as to reduce the equopment preparation burdern of the lecturer makes the perfomace experiement safer and effiecncy thus improves much


3 it used to project without computer prohection or tedious operation ,a key to open ,so conveninet


4 WIFI netwrk to download teaching lessons from internet ,anything you want


5 Built-in WPS office software ,teaching ,speeach ,meeting etc


To know more of detaills ,contact us now ,.we are waiting for you 24/7!!!!