What About The Windows 7 Touchscreen Experience

- Nov 20, 2018-

How about a touchscreen computer?How about the Windows 7 touch screen?Let's find out.

As full-touch displays become cheaper to produce, more and more PC manufacturers are choosing to launch the Windows 7 all-touch all-in-one!For example, xinhechang has launched a Win7 all-touch all-screen all-in-one PC with pre-installed Windows 7 premium version and supports 10 touch.Gorgeous modelling plus ultra dazzle experience, let play of the person shout greatly satisfy.Xinhechang technology co., LTD. Produces touch all-in-one machines, advertising machines, electronic class CARDS, etc., and can also customize touch screens in different industries.

Xinhechang for touch screen computer touch screen small make up through the investigation and data access, got the conclusion, that is if you are like the use of doing the system, then you no need to choose a touch screen computer, because in the system of Windows 7 and below, when we use of touch screen is very little, basically not used, with the mouse will be more convenient.But if you want to use doing and above system, even the most hot door win10 system now, small make up will tell you, choose the touch screen of the computer is not wrong, useful doing system friends should know that the operating system will be one by one into one of the application of small grid, just like our phone application software, then we will find with the touch screen is more convenient than we use mouse operation to some, win10 as well.From these two operating systems, it is not difficult to see Microsoft's market concept, it is just to want to add touch screen technology to the laptop. Therefore, touch screen computer is the direction of future technology development, we should agree.