What Are The Advantages Of Shenzhen Capacitive Screen?

- Aug 08, 2018-

For many electronic products nowadays, it is inseparable from the use of capacitive screen in shenzhen. For example, the screens of mobile phones and computers we usually use will be applied to it, which is closely related to our life.There are a lot of advantages of shenzhen capacitor screen. Let's take a look at one by one:

1. shenzhen capacitance screen can support multi-touch technology, and fast response.

2. Capacitive technology has long wear resistance, long service life and low maintenance cost for users

3. The surface capacitive type can be used for large-sized touch screens with relatively low cost, but gesture recognition cannot be supported at present: the inductive capacitive type is mainly used for small and medium-sized touch screens and can support gesture recognition.

4. The choice of capacitive or resistive technology depends largely on the medium touching the screen.If the finger touch, shenzhen capacitance screen is a better choice.If you need a stylus, whether plastic or metal, a resistive touch screen can do the trick.The shenzhen capacitive can also use stylus, but it requires a special stylus.

5. Capacitance is superior to resistance in light loss and system power.

6. The life of capacitance scheme is longer, because the components in shenzhen capacitor screen do not need any movement.In a resistive touch screen, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be flexible enough to bend down and reach the lower ITO film.

7. Shenzhen capacitor screen only needs to be calibrated once or not at all after production.

8. The shenzhen capacitive screen only needs touch, not pressure to generate the signal.In today's all-in-one touch machine industry, networking has become an essential feature. This is precisely because the all-in-one touch machine is used more and more frequently, and connectivity becomes a rigid demand, especially in light of the rise of mobile Internet.The demand of shenzhen capacitor screen grows with the growth of all-in-one machine. It is very important to choose a good manufacturer of shenzhen capacitive screen.