What Is Touch 2.0 Interactive Technology?

- Nov 18, 2019-

The media will call the second generation of touch interaction method based on the three laws of touch, which is invented by Zhong Lin, the dean of the Chinese Character Engineering Institute, as Touch 2.0, and will be widely used in smartphones and tablets by Jobs and Apple's first-generation touch interaction method, called Touch 1.0.

Touch 2.0 is not only an upgrade of Touch 1.0, but also a new technological breakthrough. Zhong Lin pursues a technical route completely different from Bill Gates and Jobs. It replaces all physical buttons and all virtual buttons with orientation gestures, and replaces the button user interface with a prompt user interface.

The main technical feature of Touch 1.0 is the click gesture plus button operation interface. Its user interface is filled with a variety of buttons, both physical buttons and virtual buttons. Its display interface is the operation interface, that is, the display The interface and the operation interface are integrated, and the user's finger must touch the button, and the display and control integrated operation mode is implemented.

The main technical feature of Touch 2.0 is the orientation gesture plus card prompt interface. There is no button in the user interface. There is no physical button or any virtual button. Its display interface is not necessarily the operation interface, that is to say The display interface and the operation interface are separable, and the user's finger does not have to touch the card, and the display control separation operation mode is implemented.