What's The Use Of A Dust Strip On A Capacitive Touch Screen?

- Mar 05, 2019-

What does a dust strip on a capacitive touch screen do?This is a lot of people do not understand, in fact, in front of the touch screen inside the dust strip has two functions, one is to prevent external dust into the touch screen stripe area.If the dust accumulation on the touch screen stripe is too much, it will cause problems such as sluggish touch response and local touch failure.The second is to prevent crushing the transducer.Some touch screens, such as PHILIPS front cover visual frame height is not enough, if you do not stick a dust strip into the touch screen will make the transducer is crushed, resulting in the touch screen can not be used, this phenomenon is especially prominent on the flat display, stick a dust strip can cushion space for the transducer, so as to solve this problem.

In resistive touch screens, electric field due to the human body, fingers and can form a coupling capacitance between conductor layer, electrode current will flow to the contact from the four edges of bag, and current intensity is proportional to the finger to the electrode distance, the touch screen behind the controller can calculate the current ratio and strength, accurately calculate the position of the touch point.The double glass of capacitive touch screen can not only protect the conductor and inductor, but also effectively prevent the influence of external environmental factors on the touch screen.