What Should We Do If The Touch Screen Is Dirty

- Sep 03, 2018-

How to clean dirt and stains is what consumers care about.Before cleaning the touch screen, make sure to turn off the power supply and unplug the power cord or battery.Then place the electronics in a naturally lit area.It's also important to choose the right tool, which is a soft, non-fibrous material that we use to wipe the touch screen.In this way, it can not only prevent the screen from being scratched during the cleaning process, but also make the dust on the surface of the liquid crystal quickly stick to the cleaning cloth through the good water absorption and dust absorption of the non-fiber material cleaning cloth, and it will not stay on the surface of the liquid crystal again even after repeated wiping.

If the surface of the liquid crystal is just a simple dust, then just wipe the surface of the screen with a special cleaning cloth.However, if there are a few stubborn stains on the touch screen, do not use water when cleaning, because water is the major enemy of liquid crystal, once infiltrated into the inner liquid crystal panel, the screen will produce color differences, serious even will leave dark spots.This is suitable for use with dedicated touch screen cleaning liquid.Note here that no matter what kind of touch-screen cleaning solution you choose, it cannot be sprayed directly on the touch screen.

If you touch the screen in the process of cleaning the flower screen and black screen phenomenon, you can also calm down, do not panic.In this case, the electronic products should be placed in a dry place to dry naturally;If it is a mobile phone, a tablet or other small products can also be placed under the lamp, and the moisture inside can gradually evaporate away, it is worth noting that the products containing humidity must not be electrified, which may lead to corrosion of the liquid crystal electrode and the formation of dark spots, this wrong view must be corrected.

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