Why Choose XINHECHANG's Resistive Touch Screen?

- Jul 09, 2018-

1. Focus for over ten years, and do better in the dramatic eliminating competition .

XINHECAHNG's mission is to be a better touch control product.This is also the fundamental reason XINHECHANG can do better in the huge eliminating condition in the past two years.

2. The brand raw materials, guarantee the quality of XINHECHANG touch control products at the source.

XINHECHANG touch product of ITO film from the world famous Japanese brand OIKE, glass is the international reputation of Chinese brands CSG, to guarantee the performance of the product silver paste with the excellent performance is generally acknowledged as the Japanese ASAHI.

3. Own the factory, supply with quality and quantity and strictly control the delivery time.

The production capacity is 20k-30k/day; The delivery time is strictly controlled within 10-12 days.We have more than 2000 square meters of the  grade 100 dust-free workshop and the world's advanced level of production equipment (such as tension net machine, exposure machine, screen printing, etching furnace cleaning line, IR, UV furnace, vacuum laminating machine and laser cutting machine, etc.);We have in the touch screen industry more than 5 years 15 engineer 8 people, quality, production and management personnel, professional after-sales service personnel 6, 230 of which 60% is from the beginning of the company has been growing up together with the company.

4. No worries after sale, and whole-hearted after-sales service will build a solid bridge for long-term cooperation.

Six professional after-sales service wholeheartedly for your service, established XINHECHANG no batch problems of complaints, even small flaws, is the fatal problem of our factory, we first give the solution.


Quality builds life, quality makes future -- choose XINHECHANG, choose quality!