Why Flexible OLED Touch Screens Are The Trend?What Are The Advantages Of Flexible OLED Touch Screens?

- May 24, 2019-

Flexible OLED is the foundation of flexible display.At present, only samsung can mass produce flexible OLED in the world. The bottleneck of flexible OLED market lies in its capacity.

It is understood that most of the newly expanded OLED production lines at home and abroad are flexible OLED production lines.Take boe as an example, the two 6-inch oled production lines in chengdu and mianyang that boe has invested nearly 100 billion yuan to build are both flexible oled production lines.It is expected that flexible OLED production capacity of new production lines will be increased by more than twice as much as that of rigid OLED after 2018.Flexible oleds are expected to account for nearly 62 per cent of the market by 2020, up from 27 per cent in 2016.

From the perspective of new production capacity of soft screen and hard screen, the new production capacity of soft screen and hard screen in China is on an upward trend. However, the new production capacity of soft screen in China grows rapidly, from 67 thousand square meters per month in 2015 to 516 thousand square meters per month in 2020.

Why flexible OLED displays are the trend?

(1) given the trend of increasing the size of mobile phones, curved screen may be more convenient to operate, especially the design of samsung's curved edge can realize the innovation of interactive mode.LG's curved screens are less prone to damage and more resilient, while samsung's hard screens have better texture.

(2) curved screens are easier for the human eye to see. LG's, for example, looks bent but is actually more in line with the curvature of the human retina and can improve the sensory experience, which is the same as the experience of curved TV screens.

(3) curved screen thickness, light weight and low power consumption.Curved surface display is currently widely used AMOLED, active matrix organic diode more energy saving, low energy consumption, support bending display, it is expected that the future can improve the standby time of smart phones.Another core logic of using AMOLED curved screen is to cooperate with VR. When external VR such as Oculus and Sony is still expensive, the flagship mobile box with AMOLED screen may be a good solution.In the long run, flexible screens, which can be bent freely, may become a new direction for the appearance development of smart phones.

(4) so in the next few years, flexible OLED screens will be widely available on the market.