Xin Hechang's Latest Developments In Touch Display Technology

- Oct 30, 2019-


First of all, as a professional touch display manufacturer, the overall mold and mechanism design, the layout of electronic accessories, and the fixing of the touch screen are all unique methods. In addition to the products of Xinhechang, in addition to the self-developed A/D board, the whole The design of the mechanism also made a professional design for the fixing of the touch screen. Several unique iron pieces were used as the fixing, instead of simply fixing and pasting with the rubber strip. Secondly, the professional touch display generally reserves a certain degree of installation space, and can be compatible with other touch screens. Third, the professional touch display work is relatively stable, not only the contact is accurate, but also the touch machine does not shake under the touch contact, which is relatively stable. Fourth, the quality of the touch display is guaranteed. Therefore, the comprehensive performance is relatively trustworthy. Such touch displays are generally used in relatively high-end and demanding touch display applications, such as high-end dining POS systems, industrial sites, medical systems, conference rooms, and the like.

Domestic price-based pressure, users use more or more disassembly and patchwork, this market is chaotic. A little better, use the brand machine of the market to transform, remove the outer casing, fix the touch screen to the front end of the display with rubber strip, and then install the front frame and outer casing. In general, the outer casing is to be used with tools to eliminate parts that interfere with the installation of the touch screen. Bring up the touch screen control line and then install the case. If the quality is worse, it will be directly transformed with the cottage display on the market. Basically, these displays are not guaranteed by effective quality, and after-sales maintenance is a bit troublesome.

The location of these applications is generally a low-cost query application. Medical, high-end POS, industrial field touch displays are generally equipped with infrared touch screen, 5-wire resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, acoustic screen display, 4-wire resistance is mainly used in the query category. In addition, some large-size LCD TVs are generally equipped with an infrared touch screen and an acoustic screen, of which infrared screens are more.

Under normal circumstances, if customers value quality, it is recommended to choose a brand touch display, because after-sales service is guaranteed, if the customers are more concerned about the price, you can consider using the assembled display.