Xinhechang's View On The Development Trend Of Touch Screen

- Oct 31, 2019-

The touch screen technology is convenient for people to use and operate the computer. It is an interactive input technology with great development prospects. Therefore, it has been widely valued by various countries, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop it. New touch screens are constantly emerging.

(1) Touch pen: The touch screen operated by the touch pen is similar to the whiteboard. In addition to the display interface, window, and icon, the touch pen also has the function of signature and mark. This type of touch pen is greatly enhanced than the stylus function that was only available in the early selection menu.

(2) Touchpad: The touchpad uses pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology with the largest screen area. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is the center sensor, which is used to monitor whether the touchpad is touched, and then processes the information; the middle layer provides graphics and text for interaction; the outermost layer is the touch surface layer, which is high in intensity. Made of plastic material. When the finger touches the outer surface, this information can be sent to the sensor within 1 / 1000s and registered. In addition to compatibility with PCs, it also features high brightness, clear images, and easy interaction. It has been used in pointing information query systems (such as electronic bulletin boards) and has received very good results.

(3) Touch screen: It can be used in the studio to use the touch screen comment system. Simply speaking, the input and output are combined into one. No mechanical buttons or sliders are needed. The display is the human-machine interface. The entire touch screen system consists of an LCD, a touch screen, a touch screen controller, a main CPU, and an LCD controller. The multi-touch screen controller is the core of the touch screen module. The touch screen controller uses PSoC (Programmable System Chip) technology. PSoC is a mixed signal array that integrates programmable analog and digital peripherals and MCU core, so the flexibility of PSoC, Programmability, high integration and other features are widely used in touch screen controllers. The touch screens are now 32, 46 and 70 inches, support 1080p FullHD resolution, support multi-touch control without any additional settings, and can be viewed vertically or horizontally. Even more convenient, it uses standard HDMI, FireWire and USB interfaces, plugged in and connected to a Mac, Linux or Windows PC to get started.

The development trend of touch screen technology has the characteristics of specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional and large screen. With the development of the information society, people need to obtain a variety of public information, touch screen technology as a public information transmission system for interactive windows, using advanced computer technology, using text, images, music, commentary, animation, video, etc. Various forms, intuitively and visually introduce various kinds of information to people, bringing great convenience to people.


As the leader of the smart interaction industry, xinhechang is the leader in touch screen technology. Users can directly use the finger on the screen to open the application, such as clicking a button, double-clicking to open the application, dragging the display content, and zooming in and out. Operation, the system supports handwriting track shortcut operation at the same time. For example, writing “W” on the screen can quickly adjust the signal window, full screen display and other operations, and the operation is smooth. The system supports 256-point multi-person touch mode, and multi-person operation does not interfere with each other. The use of a touch pen and an electronic pointer can achieve a completely consistent interaction effect. For a large use scene, a telescopic electronic pointer can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the user.

We believe that with the rapid development of technology, Xinhechang as the "integrated solution service provider of intelligent interactive information system" will definitely shine in the human-computer interaction industry.