Xinhechang Solves Common Mode Interference Problem Of Industrial Control Touch Screen

- Nov 06, 2018-

Xinhuabang has been committed to the optoelectronic products, civil electronics, digital products, IT, multimedia and other research and production.I recently received an order for a fingerprint machine from a bank.This fingerprint machine is provided by our company with a touch screen.In the early stage of research and development, the industrial touch screen is slow to draw lines when charging, which is very distorted.

The problem of common mode interference in charging is found by the engineering staff of our company


The problem can be solved by increasing the driving frequency due to common mode interference.Since the intensity of the interference signal of the charger is different in different frequency bands, as long as the interference is lower than 3mv, it will not affect TP basically. Through the common mode analysis of the charger, 0X70 or 724Khz can meet the requirements. After using our improved scheme, the charging line is drawn smoothly without bending.