Xinhechang Touch Screen Key Technology Status And Industry Development Trend

- Nov 09, 2019-

The key applications of the touch-reader are to look up information content, work, manipulate electronic products, maintain national defense guidelines, and maximize their effectiveness. The technicality of the touch-reader all-in-one gives the computer a new look, allowing them to take full advantage of their own. Architectural engineering design, image processing, etc. The capacitive pen can be used for signing, drawing and marking, which can greatly expand the main purpose of the touch screen, improve the application efficiency and enhance the customer.


   In the past, many people complained that although the touch screen is convenient and practical, the finger can touch and lightly press the surface of the cold laminated glass, which is inferior to the traditional computer keyboard. In the continuous development trend, the touch screen technically handles this problem. This technology can enhance the vibration of the touch screen. When the finger touches the display, it will be shocked by the reaction force. It feels like pressing a real key.

 The technical development trend of touch screens also encounters five challenges:

 1. Control panel full industrial chain: flexible mobile phone tempered film, flexible circular polarizing film, solder film, electronic optical adhesive, flexible AMOLED control panel must develop with each other.


 2. Integrated ic and switching power supply intelligent management system: The touch screen must have larger pixels and more idle transmission rate in the basic theory, while the CPU and 5G integrated ic must have the supporting facilities of the switching power supply intelligent management system to consider its strong requirements.

 3. Matching of the lowest level system software: The matching of APP in Android and iOS system software is a key link that jeopardizes the customer experience.

 4. Formulation of industry chain norms: When the specifications, control panel specifications, and transmission agreements in the flexible display industry chain specification are still ambiguous, the cost of customization has continued to rise.

 5. Cost structure construction challenge: The flexible control panel is doubled, but its laser cutting usage is reduced by half. If you do a three-fold machine, the remaining one-third or one-fifth of the production capacity will cause the panel factory to encounter the challenge of production capacity.


 Terminal equipment users demand to improve the level of flexible technology For the terminal products, the folding display mobile phone is a higher display efficiency and differentiated customer experience in a confined space. For display suppliers, the use of flexible optoelectronic technology on the folding display phone is upgraded.