Year-end Touch Drama Is About To Be Released

- Nov 05, 2019-

As a high-end platform that comprehensively demonstrates the cutting-edge achievements of the touch display industry, the 2019 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Exhibition, hosted by Shanghai Reed Exhibition, will be held in Shenzhen from November 21st to 23rd. This exhibition will closely track the development trend of the domestic and international touch display industry, and pay close attention to the development trend of touch display, mobile phone manufacturing, automotive electronics, commercial display and other fields in the background of 5G and flexible electronics industry, and is committed to the form of professional exhibitions. Present new materials, new technologies and leading solutions for the industry. Shanghai Reed Exhibition is the world's leading exhibition organizer for the international touch screen industry in China.

The "Testing, Measurement and Machine Vision Zone" will be launched in the same period. The downstream buyers from the global touch screen, display, home appliances, tablet PCs, mobile phone solution design and consumer electronics manufacturing will have an opportunity to see the frontiers of machine vision and camera modules. Technology and solutions, and through the exhibition platform to establish contact with suppliers, to maximize the integration of innovative technology and practical applications. In addition, the audience will have the opportunity to experience two innovative production lines for 3D glass and ceramic mobile phone casings at the show.

Xinhechang Technolody Co,.Ltd will then attend to it to communicate with other manufactures !!!