Optical Touch Screen-21.5 Inch

Optical Touch Screen-21.5 Inch

Optical touch technology refers to the technology that uses infrared detectors to locate objects that touch the screen (or can be sensed by the detector without touching the screen).

Product Details

Optical touch screen advantages :

1. Support multi-point precise touch, high touch accuracy, can draw very smooth and delicate curves, and can touch any corner point of the screen;

2. Linear optical lens, the response speed is as fast as 5-8 milliseconds, which is 3 times the speed of the infrared screen. There is no delay in touching handwriting, no delay in handwriting, good stability and high sensitivity

3. Compatible with multiple systems, intelligent switching under WIN 7, 8, XP, LINUX, MAC and other systems;

4.Aluminum alloy shell, fully tempered glass, light transmittance greater than 95%, strong environmental adaptability, flexible configuration such as explosion-proof and anti-glare;

5. Provide two different solutions, built-in and external, to easily meet the needs of different customers (also with or without glass);

6, suitable for LCD, plasma, LED and other displays, projectors (front-projection, rear-projection), etc., sizes from 21.5-200 inches can be supported;

7. Passive touch, no special touch pen is needed, fingers can be used immediately, calibration once, easy to maintain.

8, long life, up to 60 million clicks, long-term maintenance-free.

The working principle of optical (infrared imaging) touch screen:

The CMOS camera installed in the upper left corner emits light through LED lights, and is conditioned by surrounding reflections to enter the CMOS camera in the upper right corner. Similarly, the light emitted by the CMOS camera in the upper right corner is transmitted to the left CMOS camera. The light forms a light net in the touch area, and the light gap after multiple reflections is less than 1mm. When a point is touched, the emitted light and the received light at that point will form an included angle. At the same time, the two lights form two included angles with the straight line between the left and right CMOS cameras. The exact coordinates of the point are calculated by the controller. Enter and realize touch response.

Infrared imaging touch technology is also called optical touch technology. It has high resolution and can realize multi-touch. It overcomes the defects of other existing touch products. It is a more advanced technical solution in the field of touch and has a wide application space.

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