Touch Panel Resistive 4 Wire

Touch Panel Resistive 4 Wire

Parameters ITEM No.: XHC-700014-2 Product Type.: 4-wire RTP Size: 7 inch Structure:ITO Film+ITO Glass Outline Dimension : 164 *103.1mm View Area: 156 *94.2 mm Total Thickness:1.70mm Application:HMI, POS, Monitor, Industrial Control, etc. Customization information: According to your product...
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ITEM No.: XHC-700014-2

Product Type.: 4-wire RTP

Size: 7 inch

Structure:ITO Film+ITO Glass

Outline Dimension : 164 *103.1mm

View Area: 156 *94.2 mm

Total Thickness:1.70mm

Application:HMI, POS, Monitor, Industrial Control, etc.

Four-wire resistive touch panel

Performance and features: 

1. Stable performance, durability, touch life up to 35 million times.The resistive touch screen is a full-closed touch screen, with super water-proof, dustproof, oil-proof ability, sensitive response, accurate touch, resolution up to 4096*4096. The surface is made of special scratchproof material, whose performance is stable

2. A little insulation, good visual effect, at present, we can achieve the smallest insulation Φ is 0.03 mm, far ahead of other manufacturers.

3. The touch screen surface has a variety of materials and processes such as bright surface, mist surface, anti-glare, anti-light, anti-newton ring and anti-reflection.

4. FPC(flexible circuit board material) is adopted as the lead wire, with lower resistance and better flexibility than PET material used by other manufacturers.

5. Be able to recognize any input signal of contact media such as fingers (with or without gloves), pens, credit CARDS, etc.

6.good compatibility: can be installed and run on Dos,Win95,Win98,Win2000(NT),Win XP,Win CE,Linux and other systems

7. With complete supporting facilities: each set includes screen, controller,drive CD and cable (can be plugged into RS232 or

 USB port). 

8. The specifications are all round -- from 5.7 to 22 -- in stock and can be customized according to customers' requirements

9.Convenient installation -- -- -- can be found on LCM, LCD and flat CRT displays

10 after-sale service: we guarantee this product for one year (if it is not damaged mechanically or chemically, we guarantee it for one month).

Customization information:

According to your product design, you can change the size, thickness, rounded Angle, hole opening, LOGO 

and other requests. The outline size of the line can be changed, and the contact IC scheme (FocalTech, Goodix, 

etc.) Ilitek, Cypress, EETI), FPC assignment, etc.

If you have any of the above or other customization requirements, please contact us:

Contact Person: Ruby Ji  

Skype: ruby_ji2012 

Tel:+(86)755-23143899 ext 806 FAX:+86(755)-23143199