7-inch Resistive Touch Screen Advanced, Low Reflection Touch Panel

Xinhechang has developed more than 10 years of 4, 5 and 8-wire resistive touch panels by itself, providing customers with the best choice at any time. Available in sizes from 3 ″ to 24 ″ and a variety of standard products to choose from. Each touch panel is produced according to the LCD size commonly used in the market.
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Product Details

I Advantages of us :

1. Best quality

2. High reliability and strict quality control

3. Different thickness products

4. Perfect R & D design

5. Fast pre-sales and after-sales service

6. 3 ”to 24”, full size

7. 4, 5, and 8 product lines

8. Accept minimum order

Xinhechang provides a full set of hardware and software touch controllers and drivers, supporting operating system drivers from the earliest DOS to the latest Windows 10, as well as Linux, Android and QNX drivers, customers can have a long-term product supply. At the same time, we also welcome your suggestions for customized products tailored for customers. Please contact us for details.

II Types of Products :

4-wire touch panel


Xinhechang four-wire touch panel is suitable for small and medium-sized products, such as PDA, handheld systems and so on. The four-wire design theory is that the upper and lower layers of the X and Y axis lines are converted into coordinate values and displayed on the panel by the touch controller.

Five-line touch panel

The size of AMT five-wire touch panel is from 3 ”to 24”. Resistive five-wire can be used in different systems and environments. The design theory is that the lower layer is X and Y lines, and the upper layer is the induction layer.

Eight-line touch panel

Xinhechang eight-wire touch panel can be from 6 ”to 22”. The design theory is that the upper and lower layers are divided into X and Y axes, and an auxiliary line is added on each axis to assist the touch controller. Correct deviations and do double protection design. The biggest advantage of the eight-wire type is that it can maintain accurate linearity for a long time, especially for industrial use.

III Structure of Products :


There are two types of standard 4, 5, and Xinhechang touch screen structures, one is a three-layer design and the other is a five-layer design.

Three-layer structure

The three-layer design is a commonly used structural design, which can have good light transmission. The bottom layer is made of ITO glass, and the top layer is made of ITO PET. The two conductive bodies are combined to form a touch panel .

Five-layer structure

The five-layer structure design generally uses a back plate of reinforced glass or PC, and the upper two layers are ITO PET, which combines the three types. The five-layer design is mainly designed for special products.


The surface design of the AMT touch panel can be bright or matte, and has different surface specifications in different application areas.


The design with a matte surface is the requirement of most products. The biggest advantage is the anti-glare design with a scratch-resistant layer on the surface. The Xinhechang matte touch panel provides high-definition characteristics and is scratch-resistant deal with.


 Xinhechang touch panel shiny products are provided according to customer requirements, with high definition and low haze.

Surface hardness

The surface hardness of AMT resistive touch panels is greater than 3H (pencil hardness specification). The latest surface glass touch panel (GFG) has a surface hardness that meets the Mohs hardness 5 specification. If the upper layer is an HD film, the surface hardness is 9H (pencil hardness specification).

IV Specifications of Products :

Surface treatment: shiny or matte

Transmittance:> 80%

Haze: 1.5% ~ 20% (varies according to different designs)

Mechanical properties

Size: 3 inch to 24 inch (diagonal size)

Structure: Film-on-glass, Film-Film-PC or others

 ITO glass thickness: 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.8mm

Tail design: FPC, one-piece or other

Tail terminal interface: ZIF, BERG, AMP, AMP compatible or other

Input method: finger touch, glove touch, pen touch

Action force: from 0.1 Newton to 1.0 Newton according to design difference

Surface hardness: 3H or higher

Environmental characteristics

Working temperature: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃

Working humidity:

 If the temperature is ≧ 40 ° C, the relative humidity is less than 80%

 If the temperature is <40 ° C, the relative humidity is less than 90%

  No condensation

 Storage humidity: ambient humidity

 Insulation resistance: 10M ohm @ 25V DC

  5-wire touch panel inner area: <1.0%

5-wire touch panel surrounding area :<1.5%

 Response time: <15ms

 Working voltage: 5.5 V

Contact current: 70 mA (maximum)