7-Inch Touch Screen For A070TN92/90USB Computer Touch Drive Kit

7-Inch Touch Screen For A070TN92/90USB Computer Touch Drive Kit

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Product Details

I Specifications of Products :

Visible area :154.08mm (width) x 86.58mm (height)

LCD outer dimensions:164.9mm (width) x 100mm (height) 1.1mm (thickness)

Circuit level :5VDC, 35mA

Surface hardness :3H

Transmittance :>85%

Strike life: >35000000 times (any point)

Stroke life :>5000000 times

Electric shock time: <5ms

Operating temperature :-10 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature: -26 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius

Resolution :4096×4096

Linear: <1% (special demand can be <0.9%)

Operating pressure :10g – 100g

Type of glass :Ordinary glass, chemically strengthened glass.

Environmentally resistant, waterproof, anti-pressure, anti-oil, anti-radiation, anti-reflective

Touch method :Hand touch, stroke, any medium is not limited

II Features of Product :

Accessories include touch screen, controller, drive CD, USB cable

Touch panel (Touch panel), also known as touch panel, is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When touched on the on-screen graphic button, the tactile feedback system on the screen can be pre-programmed according to the touch screen. The program drives various connection devices and can be used to replace the mechanical button panel and create a live-action audio and video effect through the liquid crystal display.

The four-layer transparent metal layer of the four-wire resistance analog technology works with a constant voltage of 5V per layer: one vertical direction and one horizontal direction. A total of four cables are required. Features: High resolution, high speed transmission response. Surface hardness treatment to reduce scratches, scratches and chemical treatment. With smooth and matte finish. One calibration, high stability, never drift.

III Touch driver installation method (detailed installation instructions on the drive CD)

Take windows7 and XP system as an example to explain the driver installation and 25-point calibration.

1: Connect the touch screen and plug in the usb interface of the computer. The system prompts to find new hardware.

2: Put the driver CD into the CD-ROM drive and let the system automatically search for the driver.

3: The system automatically finds the driver and then clicks the next step until the driver installation is completed. At this time, clicking the touch screen mouse will move with the hand, but the position is not accurate. Here we need 25 points to correct.

4: Open the CD directory: G:\windows 7 XP (G: is the CD-ROM drive on my computer) Double-click the Touchkit file, a dialog box will pop up, click the tool here, four-point correction. At this time, a screen will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Flashing red X, do not loosen by hand or touch pen, about 3 seconds will jump to the other corner, the same point does not let go, until 25 points run, now the correction is complete.. can be used normally.

5: After installing, it is recommended to copy all the files in the G:\windows 7/ XP directory to the hard disk to avoid the loss of the CD.

6: How to use the right button: Click and hold the screen for about 3 seconds to jump out of the right-click menu. The length of time can be set in the tool.