Factory Direct Supply 18.5 Inch Ultra-thin 0.5mm Resistive Touch Screen

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Product Details

I Product Specifications :

 Click amount : 1000 (ten thousand times)

Screen size 18.5 (inch) or Customizable  

Brightness :300 (cd/m2)

Contrast :500:1

Resolution :4096*4096

Response time :5 (ms)


Interface :USB

II Product Advantages :

1. Stable performance, durable, and touch life up to 1 million times. The resistive touch screen is a fully enclosed touch screen with super waterproof, dustproof and oil proof resistance, sensitive response, accurate touch and resolution up to 4096*4096. The surface is specially scratch-resistant material with stable performance.

2. The insulation point is small and the visual effect is good. At present, the smallest insulation point we can achieve is Φ 0.03mm, which is ahead of other manufacturers.

3. The surface of the touch screen has various materials and processes such as bright surface, matte surface, anti-glare, extinction, anti-Newton ring and anti-reflection.

4. The lead wire adopts FPC (flexible circuit board material). The PET material used by other manufacturers has smaller resistance value and good flexibility.

5. Ability to identify any input signals such as fingers (with or without gloves), pens, credit cards, etc.

6. Good compatibility: Can be installed and run under Dos, Win95, Win98, Win2000 (NT), Win XP, Win CE, Linux OS, etc.

7. Complete set: each set includes screen, controller, drive CD and cable (can be equipped with RS232 or USB interface).

8. Complete specifications: from 2.8 inches to 21 inches, all in stock. And can be customized according to customer requirements.

9. Easy to install: can be installed on liquid crystal module (LCM), liquid crystal (LCD) display and flat CRT display.

10. After-sales service: The company guarantees this product for one year (if it is not mechanical or chemical damage, it will be replaced once a month).

III 4-wire resistive screen structure type:


Resistance screen with two-layer structure (ITO film +ITO glass /ITO film +ITO film)


Three-dwelling structure electric follow screen (PET cover +TO rot +TOo hide glass)


Four-layer structure resistance screen (PET cover +ITO film ITO film + glass/acrylic)OCA process